Git-based CMS for Jamstack websites

Git at the core

Keep your developers and editors in sync with Git powering your content workflows. Commits pushed by developers automatically sync to CloudCannon. Likewise, content changes made on CloudCannon by editors commit back to your Git repository.

Illustration of the git sync, build and edit circular process, with an arrow pointing out from build to host, to explain how the workflow gets done in cloudcannon

Powerful editing

Intuitive editing for all the content on your website. Markdown and HTML files along with structured data in front matter, collections and data files.

A snippet illustration of our component system in the app

Own your data

It’s your content, so why lock it away in a 3rd party? With a Git CMS like CloudCannon, your content lives in your repository, giving you complete freedom of how you interact with it.

Illustration of a shield with a lock to the left and a list of Git provider logos to the right

Powerful content editing

Take your editing team to the next level with intuitive content editing and powerful publishing workflows.


Content editors can create branches for significant changes to prevent blocking staging environments.


Review changes on a site and merge them into another branch. Perfect for anything from a simple staging/production publishing workflow to multiple reviews and staging environments.

A snippet illustration of our app showing how you merge staging to main branch

Pull request

Integrate your editor and developer workflows by using Pull Requests as the core of your publishing workflow. Create, review, and accept Pull Requests all within CloudCannon’s Git-based CMS.


Content changes made on CloudCannon transparently commit back to your repository, giving you all the benefits of a version control system.

Illustration of a snippet of our app showcasing how to create a pull request

Improve your content workflow with the CloudCannon CMS

1 - Sync your static site

Connect your GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket repository.

Illustration of the 3 supported Git providers: Github, Gitlab, and Bitbucket, with a tick under each of them

2 - Configure your SSG build

Add your environment variables, command line options, custom plugins, and more to automate your build.

Jekyll and Hugo logos

3 - Invite your editing team

Give your team access to update the content on the site without the help of a developer, automatically getting these changes committed back to your repo.

Illustration showing a snippet of editing text on our app

4 - Go live with hosting

Delight your customers by hosting your site on a global CDN with unparalleled reach and speed.

Snippet showing a browser search field, showing a live site,

Why choose a Git-based CMS?

Here at CloudCannon we believe in the power of Git — as a content repository, as a robust source management tool, and most importantly, as a publishing workflow. Our decoupled CMS lets you and your editing team create, and it takes care of everything else. If anyone on your team needs to roll a site back, CloudCannon has you covered, with full version control of both code and content. Easily set up staging environments via branching, hand over sites to content managers and editors with our fine-tuned granular permissions, and keep on creating.

With CloudCannon, your creative development and experimentation can stay at the forefront of your workflow.

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