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The headless CMS just got an upgrade

CloudCannon brings visual editing to all major static site generators. Customize your production workflows, create new website components, and allow everyone on your team to receive the benefits of Git.

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What is a Git-based headless CMS?

A Git-based headless content management system keeps your developers and editors in sync. Commits pushed by developers automatically sync to the CMS. Content changes commit back to your Git repository, so your data is always yours.

Keep your workflows

Build static sites with your favorite tools

Your CMS shouldn’t get between developers and the tools they love. Build locally with your favorite Git providers, tools and frontend frameworks, and push to Git and CloudCannon when you’re ready to deploy.

CloudCannon supports all major static site generators, and automatically recognizes which tool you're already using to build your site.

CloudCannon technology integrations
Faster and easier on Git based CMS

Version control for everyone

Content as code

Your Git repo is the source of truth. With CloudCannon’s two-way Git syncing, it can also keep a record of every change your team has ever made to your site: code, assets, and content. Every substantial change, every fix, and every release — it’s all there for you.

  • Sync changes to content editors with a Git push, enjoy multi-object versioning, and avoid lock-ins.
  • Review changes on one site and merge them into your production branch.
  • Roll back content changes if needed, with full version control of code and content.
  • Maintain full access to your code base in any connected repositories.

Need help migrating your website?

Our migration team can get your site configured for your ideal editing experience. No matter what services you are using or the current state of your website, we'll do the work for you.


All the benefits of headless, with no lock-in

Your CMS shouldn’t lock you in. With CloudCannon, you own your content — it’s all stored in your repository, and you have a complete history of all changes. With a superior version control system compared to traditional headless CMS platforms, there's no need for backups, expensive data export processes, or concern for data lock-in.

Full version control
API-based alternatives
Content exists as flat files
API-based alternatives
No vendor lock-in
API-based alternatives
No convoluted export process
API-based alternatives

Simplify your development workflow

More than a headless CMS. CloudCannon's Git-based headless CMS makes your web development workflow easier than ever with a simple setup, so your team can stay in sync.


Sync your static site

Connect your GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket repository.


Configure your SSG build

Add your environment variables, command line options, custom plugins, and more to automate your build.


Invite your content team to collaborate

Give your team access to update site content without the help of a developer using our headless CMS.


Go live with hosting

Host your site on a global CDN with unparalleled reach and speed. Alternatively, bring your own hosting provider, and CloudCannon will handle it seamlessly.

Get started with CloudCannon

Try out CloudCannon with a 21-day free trial, or get in touch with us for a demo.