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Migrate from Forestry CMS today

With full support and developer tooling for static site generators like Hugo, Eleventy, Jekyll, SvelteKit, and more, CloudCannon’s Git-based CMS is a complete solution for anyone looking for an alternative to Forestry.

CloudCannon has full feature parity with Forestry — including support for the SSGs you already use, a seamless visual editing experience, and live preview URLs.

For new users coming from Forestry CMS, we’re offering a 50% discount on Standard and Team plans for 6 months.

Use the code MIGRATE2CC at checkout to start saving!


Automagical migration, without the headache.

Once you've connected your existing Forestry site repository to CloudCannon, we'll automatically generate a CloudCannon config file from your Forestry settings.

With the heavy lifting of your migration out of the way, you’ll be free to focus on the details that matter: fine-tuning for your use case, and giving your editors the best experience possible.

And if you have any questions about how to configure your sites, reach out and let us know! Our support and engineering teams have extensive experience helping users migrate from Forestry, and we’re ready to help you.



Developer tooling? We've got that.

CloudCannon is a framework-agnostic CMS for static sites, with an engineering team actively developing new features and open-source software to support and extend your static sites.

With CloudCannon’s Snippets, content editors can use a simple interface to easily insert includes, shortcodes and Markdown extensions into their content — all without touching the underlying code.

Our open-source software integrates with your existing sites to extend functionality. Whether you’re looking for searchsimpler paginationmulti-site integrationtranslation management for localization and i18n, or a full component development workflow, we can help. 

CloudCannon and Forestry feature comparison

As a Git-based CMS, CloudCannon shares many similarities with Forestry, making for an easy transition for both developers and content editors.

Git provider  
Self-hosted GitLab 
SSG support  
Next.js ✅ 
Astro ✅ (beta)
Nuxt.js ✅ (beta)
MkDocs ✅ (beta)
Additional features  
Live preview URLs
Live rendered visual editing 
Under active development 
Content editing files  
Media Management  

Migration resources

Frequently asked questions

How does your pricing structure differ from Forestry?

Our pricing structure is slightly different from Forestry;s, but for Standard and Team plans the major difference you'll find is that the number of sites you can create is unlimited — with CloudCannon you're not charged on a per-project basis.

For web agencies, we'd recommend our Partner Program, which gives generous discounts, dedicated support, and a unified dashboard of all client sites, with direct billing to clients.

What level of support can I expect on CloudCannon?

Our growing team is constantly working on making the best CMS for static sites, and we aim to give you the best support possible. Our support and engineering teams work closely together, and we usually find that we can solve most site problems within a matter of hours. 

During your trial period we're happy to get on a call with you and assist with any problems. If you'd like beta access to our migration tool, just email christopher@cloudcannon.com

Let's talk.

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