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An extremely versatile single page marketing website template with included components and live rendering page builder.


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Deploy to CloudCannon

Single-page SaaS site built with CloudCannon's Bookshop starter components. Browse through a live demo.

Share was made by CloudCannon, the Git CMS for everyone. This site works as-is, but is designed to be edited within the CloudCannon Visual Editor.

Start with npm start. To use a local copy of the starter components, clone https://github.com/cloudcannon/starter-components alongside this repo and run npm run local-start here.


  • Pre-built single page brochure site
  • Multiple configurable sections to creatively showcase your product
  • Pre-styled configurable components
  • Optimised for live visual editing in CloudCannon


Share was built with Hugo version v0.101.0, but should support newer versions as well.


  • Hugo. Install using: brew install hugo
  • Go. Install using: brew install go


  1. In the terminal at the root of the repo, run: npm i
  2. Start site and bookshop: npm run dev
    OR site alone: npm run start

Either command will build your site and serve it locally. With the server running, changes you make to your site will appear live in the browser.

Updating the Starter Components

This site was built using the CloudCannon Bookshop starter components. This template will generally be updated whenever the starter components are updated.

If this is not the case (for example, you are using a fork), you can run npm run update-components. This will pull the latest version of the starter components and merge them into this repository. This should not overrwrite any changes you have made to the starter components.

Custom Components

You can add your own Bookshop components to this site.


Share is already optimised for adding, updating and removing sections and components in CloudCannon.

You can use the CloudCannon Visual Editor to edit this site. CloudCannon will also serve a free live preview that can be accessed via the internet.