Keep everyone in Sync

Keep developers and editors in sync with CloudCannon’s git-based platform, and empower your team with the help of an intuitive CMS.

Two way Git sync

With two-way Git syncing, your developers and content editors will always be on the same page. Developers push code to Git, which syncs to CloudCannon and starts a build automatically. Content edits made on CloudCannon push back to your Git repository automatically.

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Supported Git Providers
Cloud & Self Hosted

Git flows for editors

Content editors can branch, merge and open pull requests without having to understand anything about Git. Staging and review processes are all handled inside CloudCannon.

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Easy rollbacks

Git syncing gives you an entire history of all code and content changes made on the site so you can roll back at any time.

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No vendor lock-in

CloudCannon is a Git based CMS with two-way syncing, so your content is always reflected in your Git repository. You own your data and can choose your hosting and editing suppliers.

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Output to Git

With CloudCannon, you can host your static site on your own infrastructure without having to manage the build process. CloudCannon will run your build and commit the resulting static site back to a branch, so all you need to do is copy the static files to your server. Easy.

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