An overview of collaborating with your team using CloudCannon.

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Sharing your Site#

There are multiple ways to share your Sites with others. Your team members can help you edit and review your content, maintain your Sites, and manage your Organization. Each team member has their own CloudCannon account and an individual history of all the changes they have made to your Sites.

You can add team members to your Organization so they can access all your content, add them to a specific site, or customize the level of access you want each team member to have.

See which type of sharing is right for you:

For Enterprise customers, CloudCannon also provides support for SSO/SAML authentication.

Permission Groups#

You can choose what level of access your team members have to your content. In CloudCannon, permissions control what actions your team members can perform within your Organization. The Permission Groups a team member belongs to determine their permissions.

All Permission Groups consist of a list of resources and the scopes those resources apply to. They also define how a Group member can interact with those resources (i.e., the capacity to Read, Write, or Create a resource).

CloudCannon provides several Default Permission Groups, so you can choose the correct level of access for each team member.

  • Four Permission Groups with Global scope (Owners, Developers, Technical Editors, and Editors).
  • Two Permission Groups per Site, each with a Site scope for Site Sharing (Technical Editors and Editors).
  • One Permission Group per Site with Site scope for Client Sharing.

If you are on a Team or Enterprise plan, you can also customize your own Permission Groups. Custom Permission Groups give you full control over which resources are in each Group and enable extra options for scope, exceptions, and file globs.


Some features of the advanced publishing workflow are only available on our Team and Enterprise plans.

As a Git-based CMS, you can set up branching/staging workflows, pull requests, and branch merges on CloudCannon. All of this is possible with Projects. Once you have a site set up, you can create a Project. Team members can create a copy of the site on a new branch, where they can make changes without impacting the main branch. When they are ready to publish, team members can click the publish button to merge their branch or create a pull request.

For more help setting up Projects, check out our Staging Workflow Guide or reach out to our support team.

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