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Develop faster, edit easier, and publish confidently with CloudCannon as your Nuxt.js CMS.

Everything in one place

Everything you need for efficient content management, all on one platform. Let your team build new pages, edit them visually, and host the best performing sites on the web with the help of the CloudCannon CMS for Nuxt.js. 

Illustration of the git sync, build and edit circular process, with an arrow pointing out from build to host, to explain how the workflow gets done in cloudcannon

Edit everywhere

Edit all your content directly on the page, with absolutely no guesswork. ​​​

Give your editors full autonomy to build new pages with custom components.

Git-powered workflows, for everyone

CloudCannon syncs changes from your Git repository and pushes content changes back so your development and content teams always stay in sync. And because CloudCannon handles it all, you won't have to teach Git to anyone.

An open-source ecosystem behind you

Level up your Nuxt.js project with our open-source static site generator tools:

  • Reseed — integrate multiple sites into a single domain;
  • Rosey — manage translations for localization and i18n;
  • Pagebreak — granular configuration for site pagination.
Jason Adkins

CloudCannon gives our developers total control over our microsites while giving the content team an easy-to-use interface.

Live and editable Nuxt.js websites in four easy steps

1. Sync your Nuxt.js site

Sign in to your GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket account, and connect your Nuxt.js repository.

Illustration of the 3 supported Git providers: Github, Gitlab, and Bitbucket, with a tick under each of them

2. Configure your editing

Define your data types and give your team the ideal editing interfaces.

Snippet of our app showing files detected for Hugo

3. Invite your content team to collaborate

Give your team access to update the content on the site, all without the help of a developer. 

Illustration showing a snippet of editing text on our app

4. Go live with Nuxt.js hosting included

Delight your customers by hosting your Nuxt.js sites on a global CDN with unparalleled reach and speed.

Snippet showing a browser search field, showing a live site,

Why should you choose Nuxt.js? 

Nuxt.js is a free and open source web application framework based on Vue.js, Node.js, webpack and Babel.js. It simplifies the development process for universal or single-page Vue apps.

With CloudCannon as your Nuxt.js CMS, your whole team can collaborate to create incredible static sites with Vue components. Developers can leverage their existing Vue knowledge, and content editors will reap the benefits of CloudCannon’s powerful and intuitive CMS.

Please note: CloudCannon’s Nuxt.js support is focused on Nuxt.js’s SSG capabilities, and as such does not include SSR.

Your Nuxt.js site live and editable in minutes