Our platform, your Jekyll CMS

The static site generator that sparked the static website movement, Jekyll is a great way to create amazing websites with CloudCannon, your Jekyll CMS.

Why Jekyll?

Lean and efficient

Simple to set up and use, Jekyll’s straightforward conventions and its focus on HTML, CSS, and Markdown mean you can create content quickly. No bloat and complexity compared to other frameworks.

Large ecosystem

Jekyll has a great number of easy-to-use plugins for the most common use cases, such as SEO and sitemaps. There’s also hundreds of high-quality themes available from a large, long-standing community.

Battle proven

Jekyll is a mature, much-loved framework, which means it’s been used, tested, and developed into a rock-solid solution. If you get stuck somewhere, chances are the community already has the answer.

Why CloudCannon is the Jekyll CMS for you

We know Jekyll in and out, and we’re big fans - our site is even built using it. Over the years, we’ve also worked hard to support the Jekyll community, and we’ve spared no effort on our all in one Jamstack platform to keep all of Jekyll’s magic and conventions alive, while giving you the easiest workflows for editing and sharing content with your team and clients.

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Your Jekyll workflow with CloudCannon


1. Sync your Jekyll site

Connect your GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket repository.


2. Configure your Jekyll build

Add your environment variables, command line options, and more to automate your build.


3. Share with your editing team

Give your team access to update the content on the site without the help of a developer.


4. Go live

Delight your customers by hosting your site on a global CDN with unparalleled reach and speed.

Learn Jekyll

To help you get up and running quickly, we’ve set up some great tutorials to help you learn and understand the basics of Jekyll.

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