Developer workflows

Built for developers

Focus on the frontend with a CMS that doesn’t compromise your developer experience. With Git at the core, developers and content teams share the same workflows.

Finally, a CMS with inbuilt version control

Work locally: commit, sync, and make your work available immediately

Keep all of your code and content changes, forever, with CloudCannon’s Git-based version control. Bring the full power of Git to your entire team, and be able to roll back sites — or development work — at a moment's notice.

Collaborate with your content team

Share your work instantly, and deliver sites faster

Two-way Git syncing means developers can work locally and immediately share their latest features with content teams. Your sites will be ready to go live sooner than ever before.

Diagram of a team creating a new branch, editing and merging

No maintenance. All systems go.

Develop more efficiently

With CloudCannon there are no servers to manage or plugins to update, so you can focus on what you do best — developing.

Build with modern tools

The tools you need, for sites you’ll be proud of

CloudCannon is built for the fastest and most widely used static site generators on the market: Hugo, Gatsby, Jekyll, Eleventy, Next.js, and SvelteKit. Anyone with fundamental HTML, JavaScript, and CSS knowledge can create beautiful and high-performing sites on CloudCannon.

Documentation | Choosing your SSG

SSG logos surrounding CloudCannon's logo
Sam Harnack

CloudCannon provides a quality editing interface for our marketing team while allowing developers to use the tools and workflows they know.

Own your content

Control your data, your way

CloudCannon integrates directly with your Git repository, which remains the single source of truth. You always own your code and content, and everything remains fully portable.

Visual editing

Everyone can edit and build professional pages visually with CloudCannon. Empower non-technical team members to work independently without developer assistance.

Collaborative publishing

Actively collaborate with all of your team members — developers, content editors, and everyone else — with customizable workflows, and the benefits of Git for everyone.

Edge hosting

Deliver websites that feel instant for every visitor. Deploy on modern global infrastructure, without setting up a single server.