This week we are excited to announce the beginning of two features: the ability to use Jekyll plugins and SSL support. Both features are in private beta, contact support to request early access.

Plugins Private Beta

Ruby and Gemfiles are now supported within CloudCannon

Plugins support allows you to add custom plugins to any site and CloudCannon executes the custom code. Add plugins using a Gemfile or with Ruby files directly within the _plugins directory.

Plugins are used for:

  • Reducing the repetition across sites
  • Connecting to external data sources
  • Adding additional liquid tags
  • Generating pages from data files
  • And much more

Enjoy the editing of CloudCannon with the full power of Jekyll. Get in touch If you want to try Jekyll plugins on CloudCannon.

SSL Private Beta

Add HTTPS to your CloudCannon Site

Dozens of users are already using our SSL Support. This allows you to serve any traffic on your site over SSL. Simply upload your cert and connect it to your site. This enables HTTPS for any traffic to your site.

Optionally, any site can be configured to force SSL. This redirects any HTTP traffic to HTTPS.

For a full list of changes check out the changelog. If you want to help us in this early stage of either feature get in touch. We are extremely excited to see what you build with the new features.