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The Docusaurus CMS for intuitive documentation

With CloudCannon as your Docusaurus CMS, your documentation workflows are in your control. Write in Markdown, WYSIWYG, or live on the page — and collaborate with your whole team.

Stay in sync with a Git-based CMS

More than a headless CMS. CloudCannon's Git-based CMS helps your docs team stay in sync with a unified workflow.

  • Technical writers commit back to your Git repository through CloudCannon's Content, Source, or Visual Editors.
  • Create branches for significant changes to prevent blocking staging environments.
  • Review changes on a site and merge them into another branch.
  • Roll a site back with full version control of both code and content.
Git workflow

CloudCannon's Docusaurus CMS advances your content workflows


Sync your Docusaurus site

Connect your GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket repository.


Configure your editing

Define your data types and give your team the ideal editing interfaces.


Invite your content team to collaborate

Give your team access to update the content on the site, all without the help of a developer.


Go live with Docusaurus hosting included

Delight your customers by hosting your Docusaurus sites on a global CDN with unparalleled reach and speed.

CloudCannon for developers

Build Docusaurus sites your way

CloudCannon’s CMS for Docusaurus has everything you need to build, edit, and host the best performing documentation sites on the web.

  • Focus on building custom components rather than hand-holding editors through changes.
  • Build locally with your favorite tools and frameworks.
  • Sync changes to content editors with a Git push.
Branching and previewing
Faster and easier on Docusaurus

CloudCannon for editors

The best CMS for Docusaurus websites

CloudCannon’s CMS for Docusaurus makes content management easy for your documentation team and technical writers.

  • Use custom components to build new  site pages visually.
  • Share and review changes with a preview site.
  • Publish content confidently with a push of a button.
  • Make changes without bugging a developer — reduce your technical debt.

Intuitive content editing

Take your editing team to the next level with CloudCannon’s powerful content editing and publishing workflows.

Git-based CMS

Git-based CMS

Everything syncs back to Git so your development and content editing teams can always collaborate in sync.
Ideal for technical writers

Ideal for technical writers

Empower your docs team by building a library of components to create new pages with ease.
Robust publishing

Robust publishing

Prepare branches for staging and production workflows. Your docs team will use the full power of Git, all behind a beautiful UI.
Intuitive editing

Intuitive editing

Edit content directly on your website. With CloudCannon’s range of editing interfaces for Docusaurus, the whole team can contribute.

Trusted by world-leading companies

CloudCannon provides a quality editing interface for our marketing team while allowing developers to use the tools and workflows they know.
Sam Harnack
Technical Marketing Manager
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CloudCannon's open source ecosystem

Upgrade your static sites with CloudCannon’s powerful open source tools for a wide range of SSGs.

  • Bookshop — create component-driven development workflows and enable live rendering editing;
  • Pagefind — static search that scales;
  • Reseed — integrate multiple sites into a single domain;
  • Rosey — manage translations for localization and i18n;
  • Pagebreak — granular configuration for site pagination.
Overview of Jamstack ecosystem

Why choose Docusaurus?

Docusaurus is a static site generator powered by MDX. This SSG was built to help you ship beautiful documentation sites. Docusaurus lets you focus on your content to build optimized websites quickly by just writing Markdown files.

Docusaurus is full-featured and very flexible.  It provides well-designed docs and blog layouts, as well as out-of-the-box versioning, search, and internationalization functionalities, with a focus on to accessibility and search engine optimizations. Docusaurus' flexible theming system lets you adapt the UI to match your branding, and its usage of React enables a modern client-side navigation, and the ability to build more interactive documentation.

Faster and easier SSG

A Docusaurus CMS you can trust

Find out how world leading companies are successfully leveraging CloudCannon's editing and publishing workflows. Learn how the best CMS for Docusaurus websites can help you and your team. 

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