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Our free developer plan has everything you need to sync, build, edit, and host your personal static site. Whether you are just learning a new Static Site Generator, or are a seasoned developer looking for the best CMS for your team, this is the plan for you.

Everything you need to get started

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No credit card required

The developer plan is completely free. You can increase the limits of this plan by chosing the pay-as-you-go option, but this is not required to use our CMS and enjoy all its features.

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Choose your SSG

Our Git-based CMS supports Jekyll, Hugo, Eleventy, Next.js and SvelteKit, with support for more SSGs coming soon. If you don’t have a site ready to go, we have high quality templates to help.

Experiment and have fun

We’re excited to see all the wonderful ways developers use this plan. If you create something special, reach out! We would love to share it with the community.


From $0/month (USD)

Everything you need to build, edit and deploy your static sites. Bring your existing sites into CloudCannon via git, or choose a ready-made template to adapt for your use case.

With our free plan you can explore everything our CMS has to offer.

  • Fully featured CMS
  • Unlimited Staging sites
  • Staging publishing workflows
  • Up to 3 team members
  • Client sharing
  • Pay as you grow
  • Two-way syncing to your repository
  • Optional CloudCannon hosting
Get started

A plan for the community.

As Jamstack developers ourselves, we know the importance of having a space to learn and try out new ideas. Whether you are new to Jamstack, or looking at CMS options for your Jamstack site, the developer plan has everything you need to get started.

Our workflow in 4 easy steps

1 - Sync your static site, or start with a template from scratch

Connect your GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket repository. If you don’t have your files ready, don’t worry, you can still explore what our CMS has to offer by choosing a ready-made template.

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2 - Configure your SSG build

Add your environment variables, command line options, custom plugins, and more to automate your build.

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3 - Invite your content team to collaborate

Visually update content directly on your website. Empower your content team to manage even the most complex content structures.

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4 - Go live with hosting

Delight your customers by hosting your site on a global CDN with unparalleled reach and speed. Our free plan comes with an allowance of build time and bandwidth, so you can actually use our hosting free of charge.

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A community to support you in your journey

Jampacked is a community of developers who are building websites the Jamstack way. We have showcases, tutorials and resources to help you on your next Jamstack project.

Join us as we review the best static sites across the web

Jamstack is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible on a static website. Check out our showcases where we demonstrate the interesting ways real companies and projects are using Jamstack.

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