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Do something extraordinary with CloudCannon

As developers we love playing with personal projects. So we felt it’s only right to leave a little space within CloudCannon for just that. With our Developer plan you get everything you need to build, edit and host your community site - for free.

Learn Jamstack with CloudCannon

Everything you need to start tinkering with Jamstack.

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Have fun

We're exciting to see all the weird and wonderful ways developers use this plan. If you create something special reach out and let us know!

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Keep it simple

We’ve limited the developer plan to three users to give you a taste of CloudCannon.

No credit card required

The developer plan is completely free. You can increase the limits of this plan by opting into purchasing overages.

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Developer plan
Everything you need to build a static site. Get one customer domain, three users and an allowance of build hours and bandwidth each month.
  • Tick Up to 3 users
  • Tick 1 hour of build time (per month)
  • Tick 2 GB of bandwidth (per month)
  • Tick 1 custom domain
Optional overages
  • Plus Bandwidth from $10 per GB
  • Plus Build time from $10 per hour
  • Plus Custom domain from $10 per
A plan for the community.

We know the importance of having a playground when learning a new language. Seeing someone else do it is nice, but we think that being able to practice is even better. 

This free developer plan gives you everything you need to start your static site generators journey. Have fun!

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Jampacked is a community of developers who are building websites the Jamstack way. We have showcases, tutorials and resources to help you on your next Jamstack project.

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Jamstack is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible on a static website. Check out our showcases where we demonstrate the interesting ways real companies and projects are using Jamstack.

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