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Tools & resources

Push the boundaries of your Jamstack websites with these resources and 3rd party tools.

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Capture email addresses and send periodic newsletters.


Build communities by allowing your visitors to post comments on your website.

Contact forms

Add contact forms without having to do any backend coding.

Live chat

Chat directly with visitors.


Simple e-commerce is possible on static websites.


Get feedback by adding a survey to your site.

Full search capability for static websites.


Even full backends with authentication are available for static websites.


Analyse what visitors are doing on your website.

Embeddable content

Content you can drop into your static websites.

Frontend error trackers

Content you can drop into your static websites.

Cheat sheets

There’s so many Jekyll variables and filters to remember it can be tricky to keep it all in your head.

These cheat sheets serve as a quick reference of everything SSGs can do.