Learn Hugo

Hugo tutorial

Duration: 2 hours
Expertise level: Beginner

Hugo is a extremely fast and well structured static site generator. In this series we’ll get through the basics of creating a Hugo site.

Image of a computer seen from the top, with the title Hugo Tutorial to the left.

Installing Hugo

Start lesson

Get Hugo set up and installed for the rest of the lessons.

Getting Started with Hugo

Start lesson

Set the ground work for the rest of the series by setting up a Hugo site and learning some of the conventions.

Layouts in Hugo

Start lesson

Learn how layouts help you set up and reuse the main structure of your site. 

Hugo templating basics

Start lesson

Learn Hugo’s flexible templating language, and the Go templates basic concepts.

Hugo partials

Start lesson

Learn how to break down your Hugo pages into smaller “components” with partials.

Content and blogging in Hugo

Start lesson

Learn how to create a blog with Hugo content and layouts, the difference between a section and type and more.

Taxonomies in Hugo

Start lesson

Learn how to organize your Hugo content with tags and categories.

Page bundles and Hugo shortcodes

Start lesson

Page bundles and shortcodes are great ways to improve managing content on your Hugo pages.

Using data with Hugo

Start lesson

Use data files to import existing data or have an easy way of managing global data.

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