Installing Hugo

Get Hugo set up and installed for the rest of the lessons.

Hugo is one of the simplest static site generators to install, because it’s distributed as a single binary. This means that everything is included in one package, and you don’t have to manage anything. Even though Hugo is built in Go, you don’t need that installed!


There are two versions of Hugo: standard and extended. If you are a user of SCSS/SASS, the extended version is recommended, as this gives you built-in processing capabilities.

How to install Hugo

Hugo can be installed in multiple ways, but a package manager is recommended - either Homebrew for Mac/Linux or Chocolatey for Windows. Check Hugo’s installation page for more options, such as cloning directly from GitHub.

Mac/Linux (Homebrew):

brew install hugo

Windows (Chocolatey):

choco install hugo-extended -confirm

Final installation check

To check that the Hugo installation has worked properly, run the following command:

hugo version