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Top 23 free Astro themes for building out-of-this-world static sites in 2023

By Jaimie McMahon · 20 Apr 2023
Top 23 free Astro themes for building out-of-this-world static sites in 2023

With CloudCannon’s CMS support for Astro out of beta, as well as the release of Astro 3.0, there is no better time to get started on an Astro project. If you’re looking for a theme for your next Astro project, we've curated a list of 2023’s top 23 free Astro themes for a variety of use cases. This list includes actively maintained static site Astro templates with the most GitHub stars.

Astro is one of the fastest growing frameworks for static site generation. Designed for building content-rich websites, Astro provides performance features that can’t be matched by other frameworks. With Astro you can build extremely fast static websites, with the flexibility of any UI language, and the ability to easily embed interactive islands. This static site generator is perfect for use cases like marketing sites, documentation websites, personal blogs, portfolio sites, and even smaller e-commerce websites.

You can save a lot of time and energy by using pre-built Astro themes, sometimes called Astro templates, instead of writing your code from scratch. Themes save even more time for static sites, since they’re less likely to need as much dynamic functionality as other web applications. Using a pre-built Astro theme will help maintain a consistent user experience across components, ensure high quality site performance, and save you time on development. Put your saved time to good use by building out the features and functionality of your static website.

If you’re using an Astro CMS like CloudCannon for your static site, you can put that additional time towards improving the visual editing experience for your content editors. Our Astro Bookshop Guide will take you through the steps needed to make a live-editable site with Astro and Bookshop, the CloudCannon open-source component building workflow.

Building with an Astro starter theme is also a great way for beginners to learn Astro. Themes often include great documentation and examples to help you learn how to use different configurations and features.

Now, without further ado, let's dive into 2023’s top 23 free Astro themes for your next lightning-fast static websites. Each of these themes has been selected for its unique design, functionality, and ease of use. Whether you're building a personal blog, a portfolio site, or an e-commerce store, there's sure to be an Astro theme on this list that suits your needs.

23 best Astro themes for a variety of use cases

23. Sendit

Use case(s): Marketing website (multipurpose)
​​Author: CloudCannon
License: MIT
GitHub ⭐: 15 stars


Sendit is a multipurpose Astro theme made with the Bootstrap CSS framework. The components have been converted to Bookshop. It’s the perfect starting point to see how CloudCannon works and build out a clean, modern looking site at the same time.

Sendit demo site
Sendit GitHub repo
Deploy to CloudCannon

22. Stablo Astro

Use case(s): Astro blog template
Author: web3templates
License: GPL-3.0 license
GitHub ⭐: 20 stars

Astro version of the Popular Stablo Blog Template.

Stablo Astro demo site
Stablo Astro GitHub repo
Deploy to CloudCannon

21. Astro Big Doc

Use case(s): Documentation Theme
Author: MicroWebStacks
License: MIT
GitHub ⭐: 25 stars

Astro Big Doc is a theme that can scale for big documentation websites. Includes an unlimited depth configuration menu that starts with a top app bar for sections navigation, then continues on a tree left menu for pages. Each page then has a tree right menu for its table of content. User friendly even for large menus as both left and right ones are collapsible and width adjustable by the user. Performance oriented, using astro components only, no virtual DOM, no external css framework (you can add your own though). Focus on static generation on build time, no client side rendering. Javascript is for minimal manipulations connecting events and classes. UX friendly Markdown without import and referencing local images, enhancements with components for pan zoom, gallery, and code embeds.

Astro Big Doc demo site
Astro Big Doc GitHub repo
Deploy to CloudCannon

20. Quickstore

Use case(s): Astro e-commerce theme
Author: michael-andreuzza
License: Unlicensed
GitHub ⭐: 28 stars

A free and simple e-commerce theme for Astro where you can embed your Gumroad or lemonsqueezy.

Quickstore demo site
Quickstore GitHub repo
Deploy to CloudCannon

19. Brutal

Use case(s): Minimal neobrutalist theme
Author: ElianCodes
License: MIT
GitHub ⭐: 38 stars

Brutal is a minimal neobrutalist theme for Astro. It's based on Neobrutalist Web Design, a movement that aims to create websites with a minimalistic and functional design. It has some integrations like image optimization, RSS, and sitemap, ready to get your SEO done right.

Brutal demo site
Brutal GitHub repo
Deploy to CloudCannon

18. Astro Design System

Use case(s): Starter theme for design systems
Author: jordienr
License: MIT
GitHub ⭐: 39 stars

Astro Design System is the easiest way to start your our design system. Since Astro is compatible with many frameworks, you can import your components and document them right in the Markdown files.

Astro Design System demo site
Astro Design SystemGitHub repo
Deploy to CloudCannon

17. Astrolus

Use case(s): Home page template
Author: Tailus
License: MIT
GitHub ⭐: 43 stars

Home page template built with Astro and TailwindCSS using tailus blocks.

Astrolus demo site
Astrolus GitHub repo
Deploy to CloudCannon

16. Astro Shopify

Use case(s): Astro e-commerce theme
Author: thomasKn
License: MIT
GitHub ⭐: 47 stars

Astro Shopify is a lightweight and powerful e-commerce starter theme to build headless Shopify storefronts with Astro. The theme is built with Svelte, but you can use any framework you like (React, Vue, Solid, etc.) thanks to Astro. Tailwind UI free components are used for the design.

Astro Shopify demo site
Astro Shopify GitHub repo
Deploy to CloudCannon

15. Hello Astro

Use case(s): Multipurpose Astro starter theme
Author: hellotham
License: MIT
GitHub ⭐: 49 stars

Hello Astro is a multi purpose Astro starter theme written in Typescript, TailwindCSS and AlpineJS. It supports Markdown and MDX based pages and blog posts. Hello Astro can be used for corporate/marketing sites, blogs, documentation sites, and portfolio sites supporting photo galleries.

Hello Astro demo site
Hello Astro GitHub repo
Deploy to CloudCannon

14. Astro Toolbox

Use case(s): Simple Netlify template
Author: tzmanics
License: Unlicensed
GitHub ⭐: 52 stars

Astro Toolbox is a simple template to give you the code you need to use Netlify features with Astro. It is a reference on how to integrate commonly used features within Netlify for Astro.

Astro Toolbox demo site
Astro Toolbox GitHub repo
Deploy to CloudCannon

13. Astro Creek

Use case(s): Astro blog theme
Author: robertguss
License: MIT
GitHub ⭐: 98 stars

Astro Creek is an open source blog theme featuring Sitemap, RSS Feed, SEO functionality, and Search powered by Lunr.js and Mark.js.

Astro Creek demo site
Astro Creek GitHub repo
Deploy to CloudCannon

12. Astro Blog Template

Use case(s): Astro blog template
Author: Charca
License: MIT
GitHub ⭐: 160 stars

Astro Blog Template is a personal blog theme.

Astro Blog Template demo site
Astro Blog Template GitHub repo
Deploy to CloudCannon

11. Astro Modern Personal Website

Use case(s): Personal portfolio template
Author: Manuelernestog
License: MIT
GitHub ⭐: 168 stars

Modern Personal Website Template with Project Section, CV Section, Paginated Blog, RSS Feed, SEO Friendly, Visual themes and Responsive Design for Astro framework. Built with Astro, DaisyUI and Tailwind CSS.

Astro Modern Personal Website demo site
Astro Modern Personal Website GitHub repo
Deploy to CloudCannon

10. Astro Theme Cactus

Use case(s): A simple opinionated starter theme
Author: chrismwilliams
License: MIT
GitHub ⭐: 186 stars

Astro Theme Cactus is a simple opinionated starter built with the Astro framework. Use it to create an easy-to-use blog or website.

Astro Theme Cactus demo site
Astro Theme Cactus Github repo
Deploy to CloudCannon

9. Astro Landing Page

Use case(s): Astro template for landing pages
Author: mhyfritz
License: MIT
GitHub ⭐: 210 stars

An Astro + Tailwind CSS Example/Template for Landing Pages.

Astro Landing Page demo site
Astro Landing Page GitHub repo
Deploy to CloudCannon

8. Accessible Astro Starter

Use case(s): Accessible starter template
Author: markteekman
License: MIT
GitHub ⭐: 213 stars

Accessible Astro Starter is a ready to use, SEO friendly blogging theme. It contains plenty of accessible components to build several page types, Tailwind CSS to help you build faster and example pages such as a dynamic Blog, 404, Markdown and MDX. This theme is designed to help you build your project faster and provide a solid base for accessibility.

Accessible Astro Starter demo site
Accessible Astro Starter GitHub repo
Deploy to CloudCannon

7. Odyssey

Use case(s): Business template
Author: LittleSticks
License: MIT
GitHub ⭐: 239 stars

Odyssey is a modern theme/starter for a business or startup's marketing website. It provides landing page examples, a full-featured blog, contact forms, and more. It is also fully theme-able to match your business' branding and style. It even includes a theme switcher component to show how easily the entire style of the site can be changed with only a few lines of CSS.

Odyssey demo site
Odyssey GitHub repo
Deploy to CloudCannon

6. Krypton

Use case(s): Crypto template
Author: cssninjaStudio
License: MIT
GitHub ⭐: 279 stars

Krypton is a free ICO/Crypto template for Astro.

Krypton demo site
Krypton GitHub repo
Deploy to CloudCannon

5. Astro Ink

Use case(s): Minimal Markdown-based blog theme
Author: one-aalam
License: MIT
GitHub ⭐: 308 stars

Astro Ink is a minimal theme created to serve minimalistic markdown-based blog needs. It ships with almost all the basic Astro components that you might need while creating light-weight, performant, personal blogs, that focus on shipping less Javascript by default.

Astro Ink demo site
Astro Ink GitHub repo
Deploy to CloudCannon

4. Astroship

Use case(s): Starter template for startups, marketing sites, landing pages, and blogs
Author: surjithctly
License: GPL-3.0 license
GitHub ⭐: 420 stars

Astroship is a starter template for startups, marketing websites, landing pages & blogs. Built with Astro & TailwindCSS.

Astroship demo site
Astroship GitHub repo
Deploy to CloudCannon

3. Fresh

Use case(s): Landing page template
Author: cssninjaStudio
License: MIT
GitHub ⭐: 513 stars

Fresh is a landing page starter built with SCSS and JavaScript.

Fresh demo site
Fresh GitHub repo
Deploy to CloudCannon

2. Astro Paper

Use case(s): Minimal blog template
Author: satnaing
License: MIT
GitHub ⭐: 545 stars

AstroPaper is a minimal, responsive, accessible and SEO-friendly Astro blog theme. This theme follows best practices and provides accessibility out of the box. Light and dark mode are supported by default. Moreover, additional color schemes can also be configured.

Astro Paper demo site
Astro Paper GitHub repo
Deploy to CloudCannon

1. Astro Wind

Use case(s): Tailwind CSS template
Author: onwidget
License: MIT
GitHub ⭐: 782 stars

Astro Wind is a free and open-source template to make your website using Astro 2.0 + Tailwind CSS. Ready to start a new project and designed taking into account web best practices.

Astro Wind demo site
Astro Wind GitHub repo
Deploy to CloudCannon

And there we have it! The top 23 open source Astro templates for 2023, covering a range of use cases to take your static website to the next level.

Have we missed your favorite Astro theme? Let us know on Twitter or Mastodon!

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