Next.js and SvelteKit support in CloudCannon

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In the lead-up to Jamstack Conf 2021, our dev team has been pretty busy behind the scenes at CloudCannon, and we’re beyond excited to announce the launch of our support for both Next.js and SvelteKit SSGs (in public beta).

We’re still all-in on our support for the ‘simpler’ HTML-based SSGs — Jekyll, Hugo, and Eleventy — but the prospect of letting developers bring their React and Svelte expertise to CloudCannon websites is something else entirely. With Next.js and SvelteKit support added to the table, we’re able to make our Git-based CMS available to just over 80% of the static sites being built on the web today.

Now you can sync your Next.js or Svelte sites from your chosen Git provider, build them as quickly as possible, and update your content within an elegant and simple editing environment. If you aren’t already set up with a hosting provider, you’ll have the option to select our top-tier global CDN hosting. And if you’d like to browse and compare all the Jamstack-compatible tools and services you’ll need for your new and existing sites, remember to check out our Jamstack Ecosystem hub.

On our own website we’ve been using live editing mode with Jekyll and the new open-source tool Bookshop for a few weeks now, and for content editors, it’s a game-changer. Next.js brings native live editing to our elegant Visual Editor, as well as support for all of your React expertise. Or, if you prefer Svelte, then we’ve got you covered with SvelteKit.

Both SvelteKit and Next.js easily connect to CloudCannon’s Git-based CMS, which means you’ll spend less time troubleshooting your site setup. Regardless of which SSG you choose, you will be able to configure the editing experience for each of your clients, based on their tech skills, preferences or use cases.

What you can expect

We’re conducting beta testing with members of the Jamstack community, and we expect to discover some minor issues we can iron out, as well as workflows that could improve. Our developers are always prepared for these speed bumps, though, so if you find anything, please don’t hesitate to connect with our helpful team.

You can help the community shape support for both Next.js and SvelteKit in CloudCannon and make sure it fits your needs — feel free to contact support through the CloudCannon app or on Twitter if you’d like to test our support for either SSG; we appreciate all feedback.

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