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Introducing the CloudCannon Partner Program

By CloudCannon · 11 Mar 2023
Introducing the CloudCannon Partner Program

If you’re building client websites using static site generators, then we’ve got something special for you!

We’re excited to introduce the CloudCannon Partner Program. A program built with the help of some outstanding agenciesusing CloudCannon to help make their lives easier.

We understand agencies because we run one, too. Our Enterprise Success team works with our enterprise clients, and it gives us a huge range of insights into the challenges of running a web design and development business. Ultimately, that’s why we’ve built this program, to work with our partners to address their challenges:

  • "How can we reach more new clients?"
  • "We never want to receive urgent late-night emails asking us to make changes to a website, but we also don’t want to give our clients too much leeway. Our clients need just the right amount of autonomy."
  • "How can we "wow" our clients to get more repeat business from them?"
  • "We’re growing, and our client sites are becoming increasingly difficult to manage."
  • "We need solutions that allow us to “set and forget” client websites for a certain amount of time. Reliability is key."
  • "We’re investing heavily into learning and using CloudCannon - how do we know your roadmap is heading in a direction that's aligned with our business needs?"
  • "We’re not getting the support we need to help our clients. 72-hour response times and community support isn’t cutting it."

Are you facing any of these challenges? Join the CloudCannon Partner Program — we’re excited to work with you, and grow together! As a CloudCannon Partner, you’ll be able to access exclusive Partner features, unlock discounts that grow with your business, get referrals, and receive dedicated support.

Become a CloudCannon expert, and grow with us

New Partners receive immediate access to a onboarding session, an exclusive pricing plan for smaller clients, a Partner Dashboard, and unlimited trial periods — you'll only pay when your clients' sites go live.

As you grow your client list with CloudCannon, you'll receive benefits such as discounts on all of our plans, private support channels, access to exclusive updates, product roadmap voting rights, a listing in our Experts Directory, and a dedicated success manager.

Join the Partner Program

Offer your clients a complete CMS solution. As you bring on new clients, you'll unlock exclusive benefits and savings.

Join now

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