All-in-one static site platform for freelancers and digital agencies

You need much more than page editing software. CloudCannon helps you build better client relationships, use your time effectively, and grow your profit.

All-in-one platform for Agencies

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Team success

Let your team do what they do best: build unique and engaging websites that deliver real client value. Save time and effort with your own components, templates and library.

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Let your brand shine

Reduce the messy admin work that eats into your bottom line. Organize all of your websites in one place, with no ongoing admin. Neatly hosted with only your code.

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Happier clients

With an easy-to-use interface for adding new content, editing copy, and updating images, clients feel empowered to make the edits they need on their own.

A full range of agency features

White label

Make your clients feel at home with your agency branding in your account and messages.

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Get answers quickly

You get a Slack channel with a direct line to our team so you’re never left waiting in a queue.

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Access to Expert Programs

Showcase your awesome static sites on our experts page and find your next big client.

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Access to Reseller Programs

Build client websites on your own account or set them up with their own. Maybe you’d like to do both? We can help you either way.

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Unlimited users

Get everyone, including clients, the right level of access. Empower them to do the work they need to do, without additional costs.

Agency billing

Track the usage of every client and site with your dashboards, so you can bill accurately.

Our best plan for your agency model

Whether you want to work with all your client sites on your own account, ask your clients to set up their account separately, or a bit of both - our plan is made with your business in mind.


Custom to your needs

For digital agencies looking for a static site platform for client projects.

Your agency can access new growth and revenue streams — all while delivering fast, reliable and accessible sites for your clients.

  • Fully featured CMS
  • Unlimited staging sites and Unlimited users
  • Staging publishing workflows
  • 800GB of bandwidth
  • 150 custom domains
  • White label
  • Access to Reseller & Expert Program
  • Priority support
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Reseller program

Our Reseller progam gives you a 30% discount off the retail price of our Business plan. It allows you to offer your clients a complete solution, including their CloudCannon subscription whilst still giving you all the visibility and control you need to offer a great platform solution for your customers.

If you’re an agency and you’re interested in a revenue-sharing plan, please reach out.

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What our customers say about us

“CloudCannon provides a quality editing interface for our marketing team while allowing developers to use the tools and workflows they know.”

Sam Harnack

Technical Marketing Director, Twitch

“We needed to figure out a way for our clients to work with static sites - we couldn’t expect them to learn Markdown and other tools.”

Matt Ellison

Design Director, Cubicflow

“We love supporting CloudCannon growth because the platform is so much better for our clients than any other tool.”

Tom Beck

Creative Director, Ocupop

“With CloudCannon we have all the performance and deployment benefits of static websites and easy editing for our team.”

James Fuller

CEO, Hnry

“CloudCannon is so easy and intuitive to use that even a non-tech person can go in and make changes without wrecking the system. It’s an amazing product that has made my work and life significantly easier.”

Liz Barlow

Development Manager, Diffblue

“CloudCannon gives our developers total control over our microsites while giving the content team an easy-to-use interface.”

Jason Adkins

Creative Specialist, Netflix

Need a hand? We can help

We work with a range of companies everyday and our support team is on hand to help. Reach out with your questions and we’ll help show you how CloudCannon can work for you.