Content editing for everyone

Everyone can edit and build professional pages visually with CloudCannon. Empower non-technical team members to work independently without developer assistance.

Graphic showing visual editor in use

Edit live, right on your page

Let your editors work with confidence, using instant live page reviews

CloudCannon allows editors to see all of their on-page changes instantly, via the most intuitive and configurable interface on the web. Developers can choose from a range of editing controls to enable, and give each content team a personalized interface.

Build complex pages in a flash

Create complex layouts with prebuilt components

Developers can create nestable custom components like case studies, image grids, testimonials, and CTAs, and share full component libraries with editors. Even non-technical editors are empowered to build new pages using components; shuffle, clone, and reorder them on the page by dragging; and add new content to them each time if required.

Jason Adkins

CloudCannon gives our developers total control over our microsites while giving the content team an easy-to-use interface.

Create the ideal editing interface

Empower your content editors with field types for any content model

Streamline content workflows by customizing your editing interface, allowing your team to work with any content precisely and confidently. Use a full range of field types, including strings, objects, and arrays; boolean, select, and multi-select; time and date, color range, and many more.

Reach a global audience

Create internationally accessible sites for global reach

Developers can tag any content area to be translated, and generate a lookup of all translatable content, ready for your i18n and localization teams to serve multiple countries and languages.

Graphic showing two of CloudCannon's Jamstack templates

Developer workflows

Focus on the frontend with a CMS that doesn’t compromise your developer experience. With Git at the core, developers and content teams share the same workflows.

Collaborative publishing

Actively collaborate with all of your team members — developers, content editors, and everyone else — with customizable workflows, and the benefits of Git for everyone.

Edge hosting

Deliver websites that feel instant for every visitor. Deploy on modern global infrastructure, without setting up a single server.