A new kind of CMS that puts you in control

Empower your editors to use Jekyll and Git workflows with a beautiful editing UI. No technical knowledge necessary.

Visual Editing

Easy-to-use content editing directly on your page. There are no complicated UIs to learn, just your site and content.

Content Editing

Focus on your content in this distraction-free writing environment, perfect for blog posts and other long-form content.

Front matter editing

Build an interface around your content to keep it consistent and easy to update. There are UIs for editing images, HTML content, colours, arrays, dates and more.

Blogging, collections and data files

Enable editors to add posts, collection documents and data files without understanding the inner workings of Jekyll.

Source editing

Use the built-in code editor to help when you need to update a config or CSS file.

Customise the editing experience

Unify the editing experience, even when content is split between HTML, Markdown, front matter, collections and data files. You can add your own buttons to the visual editor to tie all of these content types together.

Complex data structures

With CloudCannon array structures, you can define complex data types which editors use to piece together their own page.

Your Dashboard

Build your own dashboard to get an overview of who's editing, the structure of updatable content and the current state of your site.

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