Collaborate on your content

Maximize quality and efficiency by creating content workflows for team collaboration. Know you are in full control of your content by testing it on a staging site before pushing it live.

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On the same page

Developers and content editors work in parallel, without getting in each other’s way.

Graphic showing developer's code view and content editor's WYSIWYG view


Page layouts are always flexible: with CloudCannon’s structures, developers create reusable components for marketing and content teams to build their own pages.

Graphic showing component content blocks

Full control

Developers control editor access to CMS features with predefined roles, tailoring authorization levels for each new user.

Graphic showing predefined user roles, with varying levels of access

Own everything

Don’t lock your content away in a third party or database. Keep the ultimate backup of every change in the most convenient place — your repository.

Graphic showing Git update process and repo upload history.

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Hear from our users

“CloudCannon provides a quality editing interface for our marketing team while allowing developers to use the tools and workflows they know.”

Sam Harnack

Technical Marketing Director, Twitch

“CloudCannon gives our developers total control over our microsites while giving the content team an easy-to-use interface.”

Jason Adkins

Creative Specialist, Netflix

“CloudCannon really helps us work better. It feels nice to commit clients to the platform, and they feel comfortable with it.”

Tom Beck

Director of Operations, Ocupop

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