Collaborative publishing

Work is better together.

Actively collaborate with all of your team members — developers, content editors, and everyone else — with customizable workflows, and the benefits of Git for everyone.

Graphic showing visual editor in use

Draft, review, and approve new content, together

Create customized approval workflows so your team can truly collaborate.

Define your content workflows to reflect exactly what your team needs. With CloudCannon you can draft, review, and test new features on standalone staging sites for approval on any device before publishing to production.

Bring the power of Git to your whole team

Web publishing with Git has never been more accessible

With CloudCannon, content editors can branch, commit, open pull requests, and merge within an intuitive publishing interface — without any prior Git experience.

Matt Ellison

We needed to figure out a way for our clients to work with static sites — we couldn't expect them to learn Markdown and other tools.

Unified workflows for developers and editors

Close the loop between your technical and non-technical teams

Developers and content editors can work simultaneously with the same tools — and even on the same branch — keeping changes separate until they’re ready to publish. Because everyone uses two-way Git syncing, everyone's work is always accessible, with no roadblocks.

Safeguard your site’s content

Manage clearly defined user roles

Developers can control editor access to CMS features with predefined roles, tailoring authorization levels for each user.

Graphic showing two of CloudCannon's Jamstack templates

Visual editing

Everyone can edit and build professional pages visually with CloudCannon. Empower non-technical team members to work independently without developer assistance.

Developer workflows

Focus on the frontend with a CMS that doesn’t compromise your developer experience. With Git at the core, developers and content teams share the same workflows.

Edge hosting

Deliver websites that feel instant for every visitor. Deploy on modern global infrastructure, without setting up a single server.