Take control of your content

An intuitive way to manage the content on Jamstack website. Easy for developers and content writers alike.

Visual editing

What you edit is what you get. See the impact of editing your live site directly through your editing interface.

Visual editor interface focusing on hero text inside browser

Reusable components

Create your own components which editors use to piece together their own pages.

Interface showing list of three components and button to add new component

Publishing workflows

Maximize output quality and efficiency by creating content workflows for team collaboration. Know that you are in full control of your content by testing it on a staging site before pushing it live.

Interface showing main, staging, and testing branch with recent build and sync times

Multilingual content

Write in your native language and localize content and assets into the languages your customers speak. CloudCannon integrates with third party translation platforms such as Smartly to handle large-scale multilingual sites.

Two people having a conversation

Cloud code editor

Make quick edits to underlying source code right from a web browser using the built-in code editor.

HTML code snippet above user image subtitled Application Engineer

All of your content editing needs

Own your content

Don’t lock your content away in a third party or database. Always have access to the latest versions in the most convenient place - your repository.

Versioning & backups

Never lose content again. All content is saved to your repository, giving you a history of every single change and serving as the ultimate backup.


Professionally designed templates to get you started on your next project quickly. Multiple flexible options, all optimized for CloudCannon.

All of your sites in one place

One place to manage all of your company or client websites. Easily switch between projects and check on their status.

Interface showing multiple site projects with laptop and mobile previews

Headless CMS

Need the flexibility of a headless CMS for non-web projects? Output your content in JSON from your static site generator and have the best of both worlds.

Diagram showing JSON file being delivered to three laptops
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