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Simplifying the process of creating client websites

Lumina uses CloudCannon to give developers a straightforward setup and interface, helping both devs and their clients save time.

Viv Bakkarat

Viv Bakkarat
Owner and developer — Lumina

Lumina Web Solutions helps local businesses and communities to fulfill their vision, creating detail-oriented designs and functional websites, using the right tools for their needs.

You’re not tied to a proprietary system where if the whole thing goes down then that's it.

Image of an iMac showing Lumina's website

Veterinarian to web veteran

A veterinarian by profession, owner and developer Viv Barakat has a love for continuous learning and experimenting. After starting with hand-coded HTML, Viv moved to juggling half veterinarian and half web development and eventually to fully sustaining a web development career. With 10 years of web experience, Viv communicates with local businesses and communities to convey their vision to their audience by creating clean, beautiful websites.

An easy, full-ownership CMS transition

Having been in the industry for so long, Viv has gone through multiple changes in software. His journey started with .NET, Silverstripe, and Webpop, before moving to hosting on CloudCannon after learning about modern static sites. Having done a bit of research himself, he quickly got stuck in and found a static site generator which best suited his needs. Thereafter, having found CloudCannon to tick almost all his boxes, the rest was history. A straightforward setup and interface helps both him and his clients save time, who can now go in and easily edit the site themselves.

I can pull a site down on and run it on Jekyll on my local machine and it is a relatively straightforward process. For me that’s magic. I really like the fact that I have that control.

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Support that understands Lumina’s needs

Establishing the right support relationship with an organization without feeling like a nuisance or another face in the crowd can sometimes be difficult. Having access to a responsive support team has given Viv the confidence to ask just about anything and feel understood.

In addition, Viv’s relationship with support has led to requests and suggestions for features on the platform and projects, which have ultimately been implemented alongside other general platform features that have benefited Lumina’s work.

Lumina and CloudCannon’s future together

Viv is continuing his mission to help the local community to realize their vision and creating great-looking, sleek sites to cater to individual needs. While he works on his passion, CloudCannon’s support team will be there to answer all his questions and needs.

It’s been really good because everybody has been proactive at getting back to me, and usually the problems are sorted out very quickly. I’ve even had a few feature requests that they’ve ended up applying and letting me know they’ve done this.

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