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Fine-grained roles and permissions for your team

CloudCannon's Custom Permissions give you granular control of your team's roles across all access levels — tailored to the unique needs of your team and your projects.

Website with two custom permission groups surrounding it: External Writers and Marketing Team

User roles that work for you

Flexible permission scope

Flexible permission scope

Permissions can be scoped globally across your entire Organization, or limited to specific projects, sites, groups, or base domains — whatever makes sense for your setup. You can specify exactly which resources each group has permission to view, edit, create, or delete.
Exception handling

Exception handling

Need to make a few exceptions to the main Group permissions? No problem! You can define exceptions for any group to allow for maximum flexibility.
Create or duplicate permissions

Create or duplicate permissions

Adding new Permission Groups can be as easy as cloning an existing permission, and changing a key value. Or, for a new role in your organization, create a completely new Group!
Create custom permission groups

Custom permission groups

Create custom groups

CloudCannon's permission tree is fully open to you, allowing you to precisely define which settings, projects, domains, sites, and pages your teams can edit.

And when your team grows, or individual users' responsibilities change, you can change their permissions immediately.

Define scopes for your permission groups

Flexible user roles

Precisely define your scope

Fine-grained access to your code and content — with CloudCannon you can define a subset of your Projects, Sites, and files that team members can access. Select who can perform actions like reading, editing, publishing, branching, or inbox management. You can even restrict certain Sites to key personnel.

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How can I set up Custom Permissions?

Try Custom Permissions with a free Team trial

Custom Permission Groups are available on all Team and Enterprise plans. You can test them out with a free Team trial now, or get in touch with us for more information.