Jamstack website hosting comparison

Find a fast, reliable hosting provider for your Jamstack website. All data is collected using updown.io and updated hourly.

All providers have an identical website. The response times reflect the time to load the HTML document rather than the entire website including assets.

Updown performs a check on each website every minute.

It’s the time taken to resolve the hostname through DNS. If you’re using a custom domain with a CNAME this is part of your request time. If you’re using an A record for your hostname then the Name look up time isn’t applicable.

It’s the time it takes to connect to the server. Long connection times indicate network or routing issues.

It’s the time taken to negotiate an encrypted SSL connection.

It’s the time taken to send the HTML document back to the client.

Please reach out and tell us about your hosting provider.

Our goal is to provide a fair and transparent comparison of Jamstack hosting providers. If there’s anything we can document further about our collection or testing methods please let us know.

It’s the percentage of time the website was online over the past 60 days. For reference, the downtime per month equates to: 99.99% is 4.3 minutes, 99.9% is 43 minutes, and 99% is ~7 hours.

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