International Domain Names

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Mike Neumegen
14 September 2013 | 1 min

We’ve just pushed a whole heap of changes you’re going to love.

International Domain Names

First up is International Domain name support. We’ve had hundreds of designers making some amazing websites on CloudCannon using their own custom domains. Unfortunately, there have been a few designers who couldn’t use CloudCannon because we didn’t support domain names in their language. Well, fear not, those days are over. We now have full support of IDN.

Tweaks/Bug fixes

We’re making CloudCannon better everyday, the past few weeks we’ve had a massive focus on improving the usability of the application. Now you’ll see a lot more help text and useful gestures to help you when you get stuck. If you ever get completely stuck or just want a chat, click on the question icon and the top right of the screen and send us a message. We’ll reply as soon as we can.

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