GitLab syncing support

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Mike Neumegen
29 July 2019

We’ve seen GitLab grow from a self hosted alternative to GitHub to an entire suite of tools to build and deploy software used by some of the largest companies in the world. GitLab support is one of our most hotly requested features for CloudCannon. Today we’re happy to announce CloudCannon now has full integration!

How does it work?

First create a new site on CloudCannon and select the GitLab Repository button.

Connect GitLab Repository

If it’s your first time connecting a GitLab repository you will need to authenticate. After authenticating, CloudCannon shows a list of your repositories. Select your desired repository and branch.

Select Repository

CloudCannon syncs the files from your repository, builds the Jekyll site and serves it live. Updates made on CloudCannon sync back to the GitLab repository and vice-versa for changes made to the GitLab repository. Branching and publishing workflows are fully supported with this integration too.

Live Site

Wrap up

We’re always looking for ways to help developers work with their favourite tools and platforms. Let us know if there’s something we can add for your workflow.

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