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Full CloudCannon support for Gatsby

By David Large · 10 Mar 2023
Full CloudCannon support for Gatsby

What’s that? Another SSG support release for CloudCannon? Absolutely!

We're thrilled to introduce our latest release, which brings CloudCannon's support for Gatsby out of beta. Gatsby is a very popular SSG, due in large part to its use of React for the client-side and GraphQL to access data. For developers using React components, or wanting to bring their data from a legacy CMS to the modern web, Gatsby is an excellent choice.

We’ve been working on enhancing the development and editing experience for all of our customers on Gatsby, and we’re proud to take off that ‘beta’ flag, bringing CloudCannon’s Gatsby support in line with our integration with other leading SSGs, like Eleventy, Hugo, SvelteKit, Next.js, and Jekyll.

Gatsby’s been in the news quite a lot lately — Netlify acquired Gatsby Inc just over a month ago, which will allow for more growth in the Gatsby framework and help cement its status in the static site community. And speaking of community, after the acquisition, the Netlify and Gatsby teams both reaffirmed their commitment to open-source. This means Gatsby’s rich ecosystem of plugins and integrations will continue to flourish, allowing developers to easily extend its capabilities and integrate with other tools and services. All in all, it’s a great time to be using Gatsby!

What’s new for Gatsby users on CloudCannon?

We set a high standard for this release, as we do for all of our support releases. To ensure that everyone has a positive experience, we’ve made the following changes:

All of your Gatsby static sites will be supported

We have imported, built, and stress-tested a variety of static Gatsby sites using CloudCannon, from local development using GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket connections to spinning up new Gatsby sites straight on CloudCannon from one of our existing themes. We've improved the Gatsby experience for all users along the way.

Complete documentation and guides for Gatsby on CloudCannon

We've updated our Gatsby-specific documentation to ensure that all of your queries are answered and readily searchable. Our support and engineering teams have also prepared thorough advice on configuring your current Gatsby sites for use with CloudCannon's Visual, Content, and Data Editors.

Whether you’re working on page-building; data, content, or visual editing; creating React components or using existing ones; templating; blogging; or using GraphQL data on your CloudCannon Gatsby sites, our documentation, getting started guide, and support will have you covered.

Sendit — a new free page-building theme for Gatsby

We've extended our new theme Sendit for Gatsby as well, demonstrating the benefits of CloudCannon's page-building processes and adaptable Visual Editor for Gatsby users. Sendit provides a sleek, contemporary, and ready-to-use site that is now available for everyone to adapt, edit, and customize. It’s also an excellent working example of how to configure your existing Gatsby sites for CloudCannon, so feel free to dig into that cloudcannon.config.yml file!

With Sendit, all users can quickly build their pages from a pre-made set of 20 pre-styled and reusable page components, as well as create their own components to extend the project. Sendit has an easily configurable navigation and footer, multiple hero options, and subtle animations, all optimized for editing in CloudCannon.

Check out the Sendit demo site to see its potential. You can also deploy a new Sendit site with Gatsby and CloudCannon in less than a minute and experience the best of our Visual Editor for intuitive page building.

Do you have any questions about bringing your Gatsby sites to CloudCannon, or need a little help with migration or configuration? Feel free to book a demo call, take a look at our documentation, or get in touch with our support team.

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