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Enhanced CloudCannon support for Next.js users

By David Large · 15 Feb 2023
Enhanced CloudCannon support for Next.js users

For developers with existing React UI components, we’re excited to announce our latest release, bringing CloudCannon’s support for Next.js out of beta!

Our Git-based CMS has already had great beta support for static site generation via Next.js for more than a year, and we've been constantly improving the development and editing experience for our users. We’re confident that developers using Next.js to create static sites will have a seamless experience using Next.js on CloudCannon, with the same quality developer and editor tooling that we offer users of other major SSGs like Eleventy, Hugo, SvelteKit, and Jekyll.

Everyone on the CloudCannon team has a slightly different approach to web development, and the React developers among us love Next.js for its adaptability, its security, and above all, its rapid development process. We’re happy to support the huge community of developers and content teams working with Next.js, and we look forward to keeping our support in line with Vercel’s ongoing development of the framework.

What’s new for Next.js users?

As we do for each of our support releases, we had a high bar for this release. To ensure a quality experience for everyone, we made sure to add:

Support for all your Next.js static sites

We've imported, created, and stress-tested a wide range of static Next.js sites through all CloudCannon workflows, from local development with GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket connections to spinning up a new Next.js site directly on CloudCannon from one of our existing themes. We've made improvements to the Next.js experience for all users along the way.

Full documentation and user guides for Next.js

We've updated our documentation for Next.js users, ensuring that all questions are answered and easily searchable, as well as offering detailed help and advice on configuring your existing Next.js sites for use with CloudCannon's Visual, Content, and Data Editors. We’ve also created a Starter Guide for new Next.js users to get started with syncing, building, data, and visual editing, components, templating, blogging, and data files.

Check out Colby Fayock’s video introduction to CloudCannon and Next.js as well!

Introducing Sendit, a new, free, page-building theme for Next.js

We've released a new free Next.js theme called Sendit to showcase the benefits of both Next.js's flexibility and CloudCannon's page-building workflows and responsive Visual Editor. Sendit offers a clean, modern, and ready-to-use site that is now available for everyone to use and customize.

With Sendit, all users can quickly build their pages from a pre-made set of 20 pre-styled and reusable page components, as well as create their own components to extend the project. Sendit has an easily configurable navigation and footer, multiple hero options, and subtle animations, all optimized for editing in CloudCannon.

Check out the Sendit demo site to see its potential. You can also deploy a new Sendit site with Next.js and CloudCannon in just a minute and experience the best of our Visual Editor for intuitive page building.

Do you have any questions about bringing your Next.js sites to CloudCannon, or need a little help with migration or configuration? Feel free to book a no-obligation demo call with our Next.js experts, take a look at our updated documentation, or get in touch via in-app support.

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