Brand New Editor

a close up of colourful street art with large colour-blocked abstract shapes.

We’ve completely revamped the editor in CloudCannon to make it even easier for your clients to update their websites on CloudCannon.

We found some users were struggling with the old editor especially when it came to inserting images. This didn’t sit well with us as we think all your clients should be able to update their own website, even those with limited computer skills. We took out the old editor and put together an editor that reaches a new level of simplicity and usability. Have a look at the new editor, we think it’s pretty awesome.

New Editor

Not only is it easier to use but now you can add an editable class to most elements (not just div’s) meaning you have much more control over what your clients can edit. Have an image you want your client to change? Just go:

	<img src="abc.jpg" alt="colourful abc blocks stacked one on top of the other" class="editable" />

How about having your client update a heading? Try:

	<h2 class=”editable”>Change this</h2>

You can do some really powerful things with the new editor. We’d love to hear your experiences with it.

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