8th August Feature Release

By George Phillips · 8 Aug 2014
8th August Feature Release

A decent sized feature update went out recently, although most of it is under the hood.

The best new ability - you can now host sites on CloudCannon without a Dropbox account connected.

New features

A decent sized feature update went out recently, although you won't see a lot of it - it's mostly under the hood.

We've been focusing on changing the internal framework so we can add additional storage syncing partners in the future.

These ongoing changes had the smart wee side effect of removing the necessity of having a Dropbox account connected to CloudCannon in order for it to function properly.

New site empty state

If you are happy just to use the online code editor you can now upload a site and maintain it entirely online.

Here's a recap of other changes:

  • You can connect and disconnect Dropbox at will. We'll maintain a copy of site files in CloudCannon when disconnected so your sites will stay live.

  • More storage providers are coming soon. They aren't here yet, but we've set up this little trap to trick you into telling us which one we should work on next. We count every time someone clicks one and then offer an apology. When we've got a clear winner we'll implement it :)

Storage provider trap
  • You are remembered when you return to the site. All you have to do is click 'Log In'

  • New log in UI New log in UI

  • New sign up UI

New sign up UI
  • New forgot password UI
New default site icon
  • New default site icon (empty Dropbox symbol no longer makes sense)
New default site icon

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