Starting a new Jekyll site from scratch can be a pain. It’s often easier to start with an existing site and modify for your use case. To help get you started on your next project we’ve created seven high quality Jekyll templates for common use cases. Even better they’re all optimised for use with CloudCannon. The templates are licensed under MIT so you’re free to use and modify them however you’d like.


To use the new templates in CloudCannon, create a new site and select the “Choose a Template” option.

Choose a jekyll template

From here you can browse through the templates and select your favourite.

List of jekyll templates

These templates also work without CloudCannon, just fork the template repository on GitHub or download a zip.

Some of you may be wondering why we didn’t use the new Jekyll theme functionality for the templates. We may convert them to themes in the future, for now we want to encourage people to look through and modify the source code on their site.


Urban template


Justice template


Cause template


Frisco template


Malt template


Hydra template


Edition template

What do you need?

We really enjoyed making these templates and we hope they’re useful for you. We’d love to hear how you’re using them!

We’ll be making more templates in the future. Let us know what type of templates would be valuable for you in the comments below.