Who are we?

What drives us

Our mission is to bring all the advantages of static technology to developers while giving editors intuitive interfaces and workflows to update content. We believe most informational websites should be static. The reason they’re not is non-technical editors need to update content.

Our team

Founded in Dunedin, New Zealand and now serving customers from all over the world. Our team is passionate about doing our part in making static site generators mainstream.

  • George Phillips

    George Phillips


  • Mike Neumegen

    Mike Neumegen


  • Ross Phillips

    Ross Phillips

    Application Engineer

  • Liam Bigelow

    Liam Bigelow

    Services Engineer

  • Jordan Trbuhovic

    Jordan Trbuhovic

    Support & Services Engineer

  • Ryan Collins

    Ryan Collins

    Support & Services Engineer

  • Darcy Knox

    Darcy Knox

    Support Engineer

  • Anja Waugh

    Anja Waugh

    UX Designer

  • Alex Nelson

    Alex Nelson

    UX Designer

We're a small, friendly, remote team who value lifestyle and self direction. We're passionate about evangelising static websites and working with others who do the same. If you think you'd be a good fit for a role with us, reach out.

Our Offices

Dunedin, NZ

Located in the heritage district of Dunedin. This office creates a distraction free place to work in everyday to solve our customers problems. Main features include:

  • A large whiteboard surrounded by couches
  • A small kitchen complete with cereal dispensers, LaCroix in the fridge, freshly brewed filter coffee and a range of healthy snacks
  • Sit stand desks for all employees
  • Status dashboards for full visibility

San Francisco, USA

The CloudCannon US office is located at Covo, a coworking space in downtown San Francisco.



CloudFlare partnership

CloudCannon partners with CloudFlare to offer high speed, global hosting to customers.



Automated SSL was added to CloudCannon hosting and the first version of the CloudCannon Suite was released.



CloudCannon Organisations were introduced to help large teams collaborate on multiple sites.


Front matter Support

Front matter UI conventions were introduced allowing developers to build their own interfaces for editors to update content. Bitbucket support was also added.


Jekyll Support

CloudCannon adds Jekyll support and hosts the first JekyllConf.


Seed funding

After an intense 3 months in the Lightning Lab business accelerator, CloudCannon raises its seed round of funding. GitHub support was also added during the year.


CloudCannon is born

Mike and George start CloudCannon from their bedrooms in Dunedin, New Zealand. CloudCannon could sync entirely static sites using Dropbox and host them.

Our Investors

  • Creative HQ Limited
  • Lightning Lab
  • Jasmine Investment Holdings
  • Evander Management Limited
  • SCW Trustees Limited
  • K One W One Limited
  • Daniel Khan
  • Adam Clark
  • FTL Trustees Limited
  • Bendall & Cant Trustee Company Limited
  • Laura Reitel
  • Robert Trevor Dickinson
  • Tainz Ventures Limited
  • Lyndsay Tait & Sharon Bryant
  • Sergio Van Dam
  • Graeme Ransley

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