Edge Hosting

Get the edge

Deliver websites that feel instant for every visitor. Deploy on modern global infrastructure, without setting up a single server.

See CloudCannon’s stellar hosting performance.  

Globe with a computer beside it
uptime in 48 months to date
faster page load
48 million+
pages served per month

Secure by default

CloudCannon sites serve secure static assets with little opportunity for exploits, and automatic SSL for reassurance.

Atomic deployment

Every deploy is immutable, updating all code, content, and assets at once.

Configurable authentication options

Easily enable password, account-based, or SAML authentication (Enterprise only) for your site, or for specific pages.

DNS options

Use CloudCannon DNS to manage your records within CloudCannon, or configure your domain with an external DNS provider.

Easy redirects for fine-grained control

Add your redirects to a simple text file — no server configuration necessary!

Powerful server-side analytics

Gain better insights without performance overheads. Track all site visitors, regardless of adblockers.

Auto SSL

All builds receive free, automatic SSL certificates so your visitors’ connections are always secure and encrypted.

Form submissions

Manage form submissions without server-side code, and forward directly to your email.


Enable instant geolocation for i18n and localization.

Automatic cache invalidation

No more stale content. When it’s time to publish, CloudCannon instantly updates your CDN cache.

Develop on subpaths

Develop sites separately, then mount on the same domain later.

Automatic testing domains

All CloudCannon sites receive a unique domain name for immediate use and testing on all devices.

It's your choice

Host with CloudCannon or on your own infrastructure, without having to manage the build process. For external hosting, CloudCannon runs your build and commits the resulting static site back to a branch — all you need to do is copy the static files to your server.

Visual editing

Everyone can edit and build professional pages visually with CloudCannon. Empower non-technical team members to work independently without developer assistance.

Developer workflows

Focus on the frontend with a CMS that doesn’t compromise your developer experience. With Git at the core, developers and content teams share the same workflows.

Collaborative publishing

Actively collaborate with all of your team members — developers, content editors, and everyone else — with customizable workflows, and the benefits of Git for everyone.