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How we are reacting to COVID-19

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Chris Wingate
18 March 2020 | 1 min

We want to do our part in containing the spread of COVID-19. While our main priority is to keep our employees healthy and safe, we also see it as our responsibility to help protect the population that is at risk due to age and pre-existing conditions. As of March 17th, we have decided that all CloudCannon employees will work from home (WFH). At the time of writing, there is only one confirmed case in Dunedin, New Zealand (main office location). This may seem like a radical measure at this point in time, but we believe it’s appropriate due to the evolving situation in Europe. If we can help save lives by staying at home, this is a no-brainer!

Our Approach to Work

We, just like everyone else, feel the mounting pressures that COVID-19 is presenting. We want to let our community know that we are taking measures to ensure we keep CloudCannon running smoothly. Reliability is one of our core values, so we want to ensure we meet the needs of our users in these trying times. Support will continue to be our top priority. We will be monitoring our systems closely to ensure that uptime is maintained.

We know many of you rely on us to run and market your businesses. We thank you for trusting us with this responsibility and look forward to assuring that your websites thrive in these coming months.

Remember, you might not be at risk. But there are others that are. If you can, stay at home to help save lives!

Stay safe,

The CloudCannon Team

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