CloudCannon Jekyll support now in public beta

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CloudCannon’s support for the Jekyll static site generator has moved from private to public beta.

What does this mean for you?

Jekyll is a useful tool for building static sites. Jekyll allows static websites to have powerful site functionality like blogs and galleries that only worked in dynamic sites in the past.

All users on CloudCannon now have access to our Jekyll features.

The key features are:

  • Cloud-based Jekyll site compiling (a benefit for designers and developers)
  • Easy to use client interfaces for creating editing content (blog posts, photos, menus, etc) in their Jekyll powered website. Editors won’t have to understand Markdown or front matter to make Jekyll site content contributions.

Video overviews

This 3 minute video offers a quick overview of Jekyll on CloudCannon.

The longer video of the public beta announcement and demonstration by our CEO at the recent JekyllConf is also available below.

Should I put my professional and client projects on your Jekyll functionality that is still in beta?

Our Jekyll support features are stable. Sites compile and the client editing interfaces function as they should.

The public beta status of our Jekyll support reflects the fact that we still have better documentation we want to write and we are likely to continue making improvements to the user interfaces.

The CloudCannon site and our documentation website already run on CloudCannon using Jekyll.

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