Blogging is coming to CloudCannon!

When we first started CloudCannon we thought that we’d only ever serve static sites. However the sheer number of requests for blog support lead us to reconsider.

Lately we’ve been working on an integration with Jekyll, a static site generator which has become extremely popular.

jekyll update

Our Jekyll feature set is currently in private beta right now. To get early access to blogging on CloudCannon head over to

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App look and feel

Three big changes you might have noticed about how CloudCannon looks:

  • We’ve done a complete redesign of the designer browser interface. We’ve changed icons to be larger, more colourful (yes we speak UK english) and clearer.

Site Icons

  • Configuration from the Designer view is also now much much easier. Config has it’s own tab down the left hand menu. Better than a couple of buttons along the bottom we had previously.


  • The client editing experience has been made much smoother, particularly around site navigation. Users can now navigate their site in the editor view much like the would normally (click buttons, follow internal links, etc) and make changes as they go.

New Functionality

You can now host multiple websites on a single domain. E.g. might point to your main site, while might point to a new separate landing page.

This functionality is enabled by creating a new ‘website’ under an already used domain. Detection that the domain is already used on your primary site is automatic and will present you new settings.

Performance updates

  • Syncing is faster now. Small updates should be live almost instantly.

  • Adding a template to a website will also be much faster now.

Minor usability updates

  • When you or your client has made changes and your site is syncing, we’ve added some icons to indicate the sync state.

Sync icons

  • Filenames are now smarter. They span over two lines and truncate in the middle.

  • We’ve added some sexy alert messages that pop out of the bottom right of your screen to let you know what’s going on.

Alert Message

Other stuff

  • We got a new favicon. Awwww yeah.

Sync icon