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  • This release changes the SSL certificate authority used on origin hosting.

    Automatic origin certs are now generating using ZeroSSL. Existing certs will change-over ten days before they expire. We’ve also made some minor visual changes to inputs, and included a fix for an issue with attaching SSL certificates.


    • Bolder input labels
    • Data editor comments are easier to read, and are now displayed underneath input labels
    • Better date/time inputs on mobile
    • Added support for mermaid code blocks


    • Fixed an issue with attaching custom SSL certificates to sites
  • Modal design update

    22 Nov 2021

    This release is a continuation of our user interface update.


    • Updated modals throughout the app to match the new user interface​​ designs
  • UI Improvements 2021

    17 Nov 2021

    We’re really excited to release the updates to our app UI outlined in our blog post: Sparking joy: CloudCannon UI improvements. Along with the usual fixes we’ve also overhauled the settings area for Custom domains.


    • Tidied up type, colours and icons.
    • Eight pixel borders across the majority of our elements.
    • Improved button hierarchy, and styles including hover states and active effects.
    • Cleaner site menu, context menus, file browser and dropdowns.
    • Improved image selector for editable class and data inputs.
    • Overhauled Custom domain setup pages. 
    • Added separate page for preview URL details (future configurations to come here).
    • Added option to configure wildcard redirects for subdomains. 


    • Fixed issue loading the data-editor JSON files with top-level arrays.
    • Fixed YAML indentation when saving a new collection item.
    • Fixed issue with content menu for link inputs rendering on the wrong position.

    Future Changes:

    In an upcoming release, we will be adding support for Node.js 16.x and making Node.js 16.x and npm 7.x the default versions. To stay on Node.js 14.x you can add a .nvmrc file to the site and run nvm use (or simply run nvm use 14) in the build hooks.


  • Build fixes

    16 Nov 2021

    This release adds a few fixes to our build environment.


    • Fixed files containing a \ character breaking a build
    • Fixed folders containing spaces breaking a build
    • Fixed issue with Jekyll sites that contain no pages breaking a build
  • This release is a hot fix for any Jekyll sites using the custom destination configuration. The most recent release altered some functionality around this feature. Any sites impacted by this issue can be fixed by rebuilding.