An overview of collaborating with your team using CloudCannon.

Permission levels#

You can give your team the ability to update your website by sharing it with them. There are multiple types and levels of sharing:

  • Team Members have access to all the sites on your account, with different levels of permission. Owners have full permissions, Developers can do everything except manage billing, Technical Editors cannot create new sites, and Editors do not have access to the code editors.
  • Collaborators have access to individual sites you share. You can Site Share with Technical Editors or Editors.
  • Client Sharing is a way to share a site with someone without them needing a CloudCannon account. Instead, your Clients can enter a pre-defined password to gain editing access.
  • CloudCannon also supports authenticating through SSO/SAML on our enterprise plan.


Some features of the advanced publishing workflow are only available on our Team and Enterprise plans.

As a Git-based CMS, you can set up branching/staging workflows, pull requests, and branch merges on CloudCannon. All of this is possible with Projects. Once you have a site set up, you can create a Project. Team members can create a copy of the site on a new branch, where they can make changes without impacting the main branch. When they are ready to publish, team members can click the publish button to merge their branch or create a pull request.

For more help setting up Projects, check out our Staging Workflow Guide or reach out to our support team.

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