Hosting and next steps

Learn how CloudCannon hosts your site and find documentation for further site customization.

Welcome to the end of the guide! Your SvelteKit site should now be live and ready for you to use.


CloudCannon is an all-in-one Content Management System with hosting included. Every site has its own domain name and is hosted on a super-fast Content Delivery Network (CDN) supported by Cloudflare. For a production site, you can point your domain to your site or use CloudCannon DNS to automate the setup.

All sites receive an SSL certificate, can easily scale to handle any amount of traffic, and offer custom routing and headers, form submissions, and various authentication options.

Next Steps (optional)#

We’ve covered everything you need to know to get started — but it doesn’t end there! Here are some optional steps for you to explore.


Adding your brand to CloudCannon is a great way to make the app look and feel like your organization.

You can set your primary color — this is mainly used in the side nav and buttons. Your logo is used in two places: a badge in the top left corner with your brand's primary color behind it and on the top of the Home, Project, Sites, and Domains pages with a white background behind it.

A screenshot of the CloudCannon app shows the Organization Branding page with a custom color and logo set.

Access your branding by navigating to the Branding tab, under Org Settings.


A common feature of modern website builders is the ability to add and move content blocks to build custom page layouts from defined components. We’ve created Bookshop to automate maintaining page components for page building. Bookshop is an open-source component library compatible with Astro, Eleventy, Hugo, Jekyll, and SvelteKit. It’s simple to introduce and has tight integration into CloudCannon, which will handle most of the setup.

To get started with Bookshop, read our Bookshop guide or reach out to our support team.

Enjoy your CloudCannon experience!#

That should give you a great overview of how to make the most of CloudCannon for your SvelteKit site. If you encounter any difficulties or need assistance with setting something up on CloudCannon, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. We’re always here to help!

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