Working with your team and clients

Learn how to add your team members to CloudCannon, and share editing with those outside of your team.

Collaboration with people is the core of CloudCannon CMS. Our platform makes developer-level concepts such as static site generators and Git principles available to non-technical editors. If you are looking for a better way to work with your team members and clients, we have a number of options on how you can give everyone a different level of access to your sites.

Across your whole Organization#

Work with any of your team members by adding them to your CloudCannon Organization. They will be asked to create their own CloudCannon account and be given access to all Sites and Projects in your Organization. Before sending their invite, you will be asked to set a permission level for them, allowing you to restrict access to more technical areas.

Learn more about adding Team Members

For a single site#

When you’re only working with people on a specific site, and don’t want to give them access to your whole Organization, you can add them as a Collaborator instead. They will be asked to create their own CloudCannon account and be given access to just that site.

Learn more about adding Collaborators

For clients (outside your Organization)#

When you need to share editing a site with people outside your Organization, and don’t want them to sign up to your Organisation or site, you can turn on Client Sharing by setting a password. You’ll get a sharing link that allows clients to make edits to your site with CloudCannon’s CMS. You can turn client editing off when you’ve finished accepting edits.

Learn more about Client Sharing

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