Setting up git workflows and branching sites

Learn how you Git-based workflows in the CloudCannon CMS

With CloudCannon you have a user-friendly CMS backed by the power of git-based workflows. Your non-technical editors can use branching to test and validate changes. Then merge their project into production without messing with your live site.

These branches created in CloudCannon will also be synced to your Git repository.

Branching with Projects#

To use these Git branching workflows you will need one site in your Organization and to have a Git provider connected. Branching with a Project automatically sets new branches to publish back to the main site. You can create as many branches as you need.

Learn more about Projects

Publishing branch for a site#

You can also create a publishing branch for a site without a Project, as long as you have two sites in your org that are branches of the same repo. With Publishing you can set one branch to publish into the other. This allows you and your team to easily merge git branches without needing any technical knowledge.

Learn more about Publishing

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