Tour of CloudCannon

A brief tour of the pages and features on CloudCannon.

Let’s go through a brief tour of CloudCannon to help you get the most value out of it.


The dashboard gives an overview of your site and recent activity.

CloudCannon dashboard


Usage indicates the current bandwidth and build time utilization.

CloudCannon usage dashboard


Lists the pages on your site. Clicking on a page will open it in an editing interface.

CloudCannon pages dashboard


Your collections will also list in the sidebar. In this case, the site has a posts tag for the blog.

CloudCannon collections dashboard


All your data files will be available in the data section.

CloudCannon data dashboard

Everything else#

Everything we’ve been through so far is accessible for your editing team. The rest of the items are visible for developers only. We have:

  • Status — Show the current status of your Git sync and build output.

  • Files — A browser showing all the source files on the site.

  • Reports — Lists the build information, syncs, and CloudCannon activity on your site.

  • Settings — Configure your build setting, hosting, sharing and other site settings.

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