More permissible editing for custom markup in editable regions

March 8th, 2024 | Minor

This release addresses an issue impacting sites that use "custom markup" in editable regions. Custom markup is any HTML or Markdown structure that cannot be recreated in the rich text editor (e.g., <div> tags or style attributes). This is normally any structure that cannot be produced by the WYSIWYG toolbar.

Yesterday's release (New CloudCannon editing interface!) contained the following update:

  • HTML elements that cannot be recreated in the rich text editor (e.g., div tags) will now appear as uneditable Snippets. This prevents you from unintentionally deleting unsupported HTML elements from your file.

The rationale for this update was to protect your content from someone unintentionally deleting custom markup. As CloudCannon cannot render custom markup in the rich text editor, there is a risk that someone could accidentally backspace or delete it. This risk was present in previous versions of the editing interface, and yesterday's release intended to address this.

We understand that this change caused several concerns for some of our customers. We apologize for any interruptions to your work caused by this change and are committed to creating a better experience for customers who rely on custom markup.

We have created a more permissive experience for sites using custom markup. This release allows you to edit the content within your editable regions in line with the editing experience available before yesterday's release. Some markup remains uneditable, but now it looks more like your live site and does not appear as an uneditable Snippet.

We are also creating a feature for HTML inputs in the sidebar of the Visual and Content Editor and the Data Editor. Sites that rely on custom markup in these places will have access to an "unsafe editing mode", allowing you to explicitly accept the risk of unintentionally deleting elements that cannot be recreated.

If you want to reduce any risk to your site, we recommend reviewing the placement of your editable regions or creating custom Snippets so your team can add, remove, and edit custom markup without the risk of losing your content.

At CloudCannon, we are committed to providing the best support experience possible. Please contact our support team if you have any questions or concerns about this issue. We are happy to assist in any way we can.

This release also added support for WebP as a MIME-type format and a flag allowing Clients to use the Legacy Editor.

It also addressed several issues affecting image previews, Snippets, site backups, and the Legacy Editor.

Features & Improvements:#

  • Added a more permissible editing experience for custom markup in editable regions.
  • CloudCannon now supports WebP as a MIME type format.
  • Added a site flag to allow Clients to use the Legacy Editor.


  • Fixed an issue where, when an image URL contained a fragment, the image preview would not load.
  • Fixed an issue where tabbing to the drag indicator on a Snippet and pressing enter would replace the Snippet with a new line.
  • Fixed an issue where the Snippet controls would not appear if the Snippet was the first element in a file.
  • Fixed an issue where open editing sessions with no unsaved changes would prevent Legacy Editor users from making changes.
  • Fixed an issue where site backups would always include the .git folder, even when explicitly excluded.
  • Additional error handling was added to prevent an issue where the Update status indicator would continuously loop.
  • Updated dependencies to patch security vulnerabilities.
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