Custom Permission Groups and Annual Subscriptions

June 1st, 2024 | Major

This release added the option to pay your CloudCannon subscription annually, released the Custom Permissions feature, and improved the UI for the DAM Settings page.

Custom Permission Groups are now out of early access and available to everyone on the Team and Enterprise plans. For more information about this feature, please see the Sharing section of our documentation or contact our support team.

Features & Improvements#

  • You can now choose to pay for your CloudCannon subscription annually. The annual payment plan includes a discounted price.
  • Updated the UI for the Update your plan page to include a pricing toggle for Monthly or Yearly payment plans.
  • Custom Permission Groups are available to everyone on our Team and Enterprise plans.
    • The Team plan offers up to 10 Custom Permission Groups, and the Enterprise plan offers unlimited Groups.
A screenshot of the Edit Permission modal shows a permission with the Group scope and some resources checked in the resource tree.
  • Custom Permission Groups allow you to:
    • Define access to your Organization by selecting which resources are available to each Group and define what actions are allowed (Read, Write, or Create).
    • Limit access to specific files, Projects, Sites, or Base Domains.
    • Determine who can edit your Permission Groups.
    • Use exceptions for fine-grained control over which resources in your Organization a member can interact with.
  • Improved the accessibility for areas of the app related to Permission Groups.
  • Updated the UI for the Groups tab of the Team page in Org Settings.
  • Updated the UI for the DAM Settings page.
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