Docusaurus SSG in beta

June 23rd, 2023 | Minor

Docusaurus SSG support is now in beta. This release also adds the ability to configure file size limits for DAM uploads, which DAMs are available for different inputs on your site, and the way files are named when uploaded to your site or DAM.


  • Docusaurus SSG support is now in beta.
  • You can now set a maximum size limit for files uploaded to your DAM.
  • New sites will no longer add width and height attributes to rich text images by default. This behavior is configurable with the image_size_attributes option.
  • You can now opt into, and out of, legacy behavior in the Flags section of your site settings.
  • File inputs now show a loading state while uploading files to a DAM.
  • You can now customize the name of files uploaded to your site files or DAM. See our documentation on adjusting the uploads path for more information.
  • You can now configure which DAMs are available for different inputs across your site. See our documentation for more information.
  • Added default snippets for Python Markdown extensions.


  • The Content Editor now loads faster for files with multiple unconfigured snippets.
  • Patched security vulnerabilities.
  • Fixed an issue where the Transfer Requests menu could fail to load if you had an Azure DAM attached to the site.
  • Added some extra error handling to file inputs.
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