Hugo Shortcodes support 🎉

November 3rd, 2022 | Major

This release adds much-requested support for Hugo shortcodes in the Content Editor! And boy, we are excited to get this feature out.

CloudCannon automatically supports all built-in Hugo shortcodes. Over the coming months we’ll start to reveal more of the bigger picture for our Snippets feature, which will include full support and integration for shortcode equivalents in other static site generators (like Liquid tags in Jekyll and Eleventy), as well as full MDX support. Read the full Hugo shortcode release post in our blog.



  • Fixed issue where schema keys are not applied to new collections items
  • Change plan modal closes after navigation to the subscription screen
  • Fixed a syncing issue when multiple sites were connected to the same branch
  • Fixed a syncing issue after changing branches
  • The subscription screen now includes the current plan's name
  • Security updates to all services
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