New editor panels

December 9th, 2021 | Major

This release adds an exciting new way to edit your sites in CloudCannon. Editor links in the Visual editor now open an Editor panel, a draggable pop-out containing a scoped data editor, allowing a more intuitive way to edit your site content. Your Editor links will also show an overlay in the Visual editor which lets you rearrange and delete your components. You can try out the new Editor panels on our free Vonge template.

This release also moves Gatsby support into public beta. We've also added a suite of new JavaScript API improvements and a significant range of mobile enhancements.


  • Editor panels and editor overlays
  • More live editing JavaScript APIs
  • Mobile and responsive screen improvements
  • Gatsby support in public beta


  • Fixed an edge case on sites with no builds
  • Custom headers no longer interfere with the editor
  • Exiting from a build hook will now correctly crash the build

Not bad for our final feature release of 2021. 😎

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