Versioning and caching improvements

March 24, 2021

This release adds features to improve caching between builds, as well as general platform bug fixes. This release also improves on the Hugo private beta.


  • Added a new build config for preserved paths, allowing for caching of custom directories such as node_modules. See our new documentation on caching
  • Added Ruby 3.0 support
  • Upgraded the default Node.js version to the current LTS. Tailwind builds will now work.
  • Added NVM support to define a custom node version


  • Fixed timezone behavior in CloudCannon builds. Timezones specified in your Jekyll configuration will now be honored and date filters will not convert to UTC
  • Fixed an issue where merge conflicts would sometimes be shown to editors as a generic server error
  • Fixed select boxes appending collection items with a custom collection directory
  • Fixed an issue where hidden files and collection defaults had options for publishing
  • Fixed missing padding in the Array Structures modal
  • Fixed build options in site settings showing as a single dash
  • Fixed an issue where adding new items in the middle of an array creates duplicates rather than empty items
  • Fixed `mailto:` links in the data editor previewing as a URL
  • Fixed SVGs not displaying when uploaded through organization branding. Broken images will display correctly if re-uploaded
  • Fixed an issue with invoice download

Hugo beta updates:

  • Bumped Hugo version to 0.82.0-extended
  • Added support for using output data in Hugo to populate select boxes
  • Added support for editing blog posts in Hugo using the visual editor
  • Fixed image uploads in CloudCannon prepending the Hugo static directory
  • Fixed the default editor path option in Hugo
  • Fixed image uploads in the Hugo visual or content editor producing incorrect output