Editables everywhere, easier navigation and link editing

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In the past two weeks we’ve released major features to make CloudCannon easier to use. Thanks to all the customers who have provided valuable feedback which inspired these changes.

Editables everywhere

Until recently, editable elements only worked in the base HTML pages. Now, editable elements can be in any layout or include. Update sidebars, headers and footers across many pages in the Visual Editor. CloudCannon detects where the editables come from and update the relevant files. Give it a try by adding class="editable" in an include or layout.

Better Navigation

Navigation and routing is cleaned up in the app. We removed the ugly hash that was in the URL and changed it to a path everyone can understand. The new breadcrumbs inside the code view are an easy way to transition back to the parent folders.

The Collections view got a similar refresh with a neat breadcrumb and nicer URL.

The Visual Editor has had the biggest change. URLs now use the output URL from Jekyll which allows you to view all pages within the app. The title of the page replaces the breadcrumb. We removed the preview option as you can now navigate links inside editables. To preview, keep your mouse still and the yellow boxes will go away.

Across all three of these sections we have changed the view toggle to a view change. The current state is automatically hidden to reduce the number of buttons shown.

Adding and updating links is an essential part of CloudCannon and needed a refresh. The new link editor:

  • Has the option to link to a page
  • Prevents you accidentally linking to the source HTML and Markdown files
  • Allows navigating to the current link
  • Is consistent with the image editor controls

Thanks again for all the suggestions and feedback. You can make a suggestion by contacting us in the app or at support@cloudcannon.com. Good or bad, let us know what you think.

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